Day 12: Khaki Ideas

Blog Post created by rconroy@instructure.com Employee on Jan 5, 2018

On the twelfth day of Canvasmas, the Canvas Community gave to me: twelve Khaki Ideas...





Fellow Adventurers,


It’s been eight months since our journey to Salt Lake City where we excavated ideas and processes that dove into the beating heart of what makes Canvas Product Ideas come to life.


If you aren’t familiar with what the “Khaki” meet was, here is a summary from my Khaki 2.0 blog post,


Khaki 2.0 (1.0 was held in 2015. See Kona Jones post about all the fun here!) was the name for the second meeting of especially active community members to gather at the Instructure Headquarters in Salt Lake City for a day long Product Development Meet on Initiatives that Instructure has on the table, new ones that we’ve been shouting about for a while in the Feature requests, and how we should prioritize the Engineer / Product Manager workload.


For those who are new to Canvas and those who are always down for a refresher, Canvas listens to its users. That’s why the Product Team invited these Community Members to Salt Lake City.  After the Khaki 2.0 meet, the Product Development team dedicated about 20% of their workload (from April 2017 through to InstructureCon 2018) to the 12 ideas that came from that day.



“How does that relate to me?”


Because your voice matters!


Every time you post to this community, you are collaborating with others on creating an even bigger vision of what’s to come. Khaki would not have been the successful dream that it was if it weren’t for every person who took time to post about needs in the community. You helped share your experiences, you listened to others, you gleaned perspective and helped manifest it into a tangible product: 12 Product ideas, in fact.


THAT is why Khaki is so important. It’s not just about the sprints (how long it takes to make a dream a reality in Dev Ops time) or about the cool perks that come with being a Canvas Community Kid (though, Community points and badges are pretty cool), it’s about the being heard and knowing your voice matters. That is what separates Canvas from other companies and why “the adventure” is only just beginning.  


As if you weren’t already excited, later this month, we will have updates on the 12 features that were found and focused on during the Khaki 2.0 initiative--one of which that has already been conquered!


The Coach and Community Team are excited for the potential you carry as individuals and each other in this New Year!