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Growing with Canvas - New Training Course

Blog Post created by Erin Keefe Employee on Jul 24, 2018

Knowing where to begin when you are brand new to Canvas can be very daunting. Two years ago Mike Cowen saw the challenge and designed an amazing resource - Kung Fu Canvas - to help train Canvas users. Countless Canvas users have gotten their start with that self-paced course!


The great thing about Canvas is it is always growing and changing. Lots of features have been updated and new functionality has been released recently, so the Education Services team volunteered to take the fundamentals of the Kung Fu Canvas course and give it an update, too. We are excited introduce to you the replacement for Kung Fu Canvas - Growing with Canvas!


About The Course

Growing with Canvas has five modules of content that will take users through everything they need to know about using Canvas at their institutions - no matter what grade or level. The course uses a combination of the Canvas Video Guides and Canvas Guides to teach the content. Participants in the course will try out a number of the concepts through the practice activities.


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The course is available in the Canvas Commons at this link: Growing with Canvas, (pro tip - make sure you're logged in to Canvas!) and is offered under a Attribution-Non-Commerical-ShareAlike licence. That means you’re free to share the course, as well adapt it to meet the needs of your institution.


If you’ve never used a resource in the Canvas Commons before, all you need is an empty course in your Canvas instance in which to copy the Growing with Canvas course. Once Growing with Canvas is in your instance, you’re free to edit and use the course as you wish. Check out this guide - How do I use Commons? - if you need more help.


If You’re a Canvas Admin

This makes for a great starting point to train your folks. Check out the very first Page in the Introduction module for tips and tricks about deploying the course to your institution.


The course is configured to work with Badgr and award badges for completion of each module. Instructions are in the course for setting up the integration, using the images, and awarding the badges.


If You’re a Canvas Teacher

This course is also for you! Even if your institution isn’t enrolling a bunch of faculty in a training course, you can grab your very own copy of Growing with Canvas and use it to learn how to use the LMS.


Potential Uses

  • Share this course with your colleagues
  • Apply the principles in Growing with Canvas to your own courses
  • Elevate the your knowledge about Canvas


Huge thanks to some of our Education Services team who helped on this massive project - Aurelien Mansier and Mark Sluzky.


Please comment below. We’d love to hear from you!


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