Free instructional design course: learn to develop OERs

Blog Post created by katie@instructure.com Employee on Mar 21, 2016

Any instructional designers in the house? Canvas Network is hosting a free course for instructional designers that provides hands-on experience building open educational resources. Check it out!


2016-03-21_11-27-43.pngInstructional Design Service Course: Gain Experience for Good


In this project-based course, you’ll gain instructional design experience while developing open educational resources (OER) for instructors and learners in adult basic education programs. This service course is facilitated by Designers for Learning, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the United States that coordinates service-learning opportunities for those who seek to gain experience creating instruction to support important social causes. Upon successful completion of this 12-week course, you’ll receive an instructional design service badge, a Certificate of Recognition, and an invitation to include your instructional materials in the Adult Learning Zone group on OER Commons.



By the end of this instructional design service course, you should be able to:

  • Analyze key aspects of the design need by considering the learners, the learning context, the requirements of the project, and existing open educational resources.
  • Synthesize information about the design project to generate solutions to meet the instructional design need.
  • Simulate draft representations of your design concept in a written design proposal and a prototype of your instructional materials.
  • Evaluate whether your draft design prototype meets the needs and constraints of this project.
  • Decide upon final design decisions as you prepare your final deliverable based on evaluation feedback.