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Blog Post created by Employee on Apr 18, 2016



Canvas Network started the year with a bang by recommitting to its primary mission—promoting openness, innovation, and experimentation in education. As a way to communicate important changes, updates, and successes to our Canvas Network partners we sent out the first Canvas Network Newsletter.


Given your passion and dedication to open education resources I thought I would take a moment to provide this group with a brief(ish) summary of each newsletter. To read the full newsletter see the Canvas Network Community page.


We’re Becoming MORE Open

During the next year, we’ll focus on transitioning Canvas Network from being a passive promoter to an active promoter of open education. A transition such as this will not happen over night. It will also require revising old policies and implementing new policies and practices. In the meantime, we’ve identified three goals to focus on today and achieve by March 1, 2017:


  1. Increase Creative Commons-licensed courses from 40% to 60% of Canvas Network courses.
  2. At a minimum, have as many publicly viewable courses as there are Creative Commons-licensed courses.
  3. Increase the number of courses or objects shared to Canvas Commons from 21 to 300.

Canvas Network is and always has been open. We’re excited to see how much further we can go to promote openness, innovation, and experimentation in education.


Upcoming: New Features for EVEN MORE Openness

Class Central Course Review Widget

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Class Central, the renowned MOOC aggregator. Starting shortly, all new course listings will incorporate a course-rating widget created by This widget will allow students to give a course a one- to five-star rating and comment about their experience with the course.



Open Badges with Badgr


The good news keeps coming. We are adding Badgr, the open badges tool, at the account level. Adding badges to your course can help motivate learner participation as well as provide you with important data points.



Upcoming Events

Do you have an interesting story to tell? The call for proposals is out for Learning with MOOCs III. The proposal deadline is scheduled for May 15, 2016.


We’re Open to Comments and Suggestions

Again, recognizing your dedication and passion for open education I am eager to hear back from you. If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions please let me know by replying to this post or by emailing me personally at