Kona Jones

Canvas Instructor Training and Student Orientation

Blog Post created by Kona Jones Champion on Aug 5, 2016

Even though Canvas is very user-friendly, I am a strong proponent for mandatory Instructor Training and Student Orientation/Training for Canvas. This is regardless of the course modality - traditional, hybrid, or online - because I think everyone can benefit from starting out with the same level of knowledge! I've written about this in a few places, but overall by making it mandatory (and doing a couple of extra things!) we've been able to increase our student retention, student success, and Instructor/Student satisfaction with Canvas.


Because I truly believe in openness and that the only way to advance is to freely share our knowledge and work, I have shared our Canvas Instructor Training course and Canvas Student Orientation course to Canvas Commons. To find these courses in Commons you can search by my name (Kona Jones) or the name of the courses. In addition, if anyone does not have access to Commons please let me know and I'll be happy to provide a link to the course file(s).


Also, because I believe in previewing before downloading things in Commons (or uploading a file), below are the public versions of both courses:


We regularly update our courses based on changes to Canvas, as well as feedback from Students and Instructors. We also appreciate hearing from those who are using the content! We can't improve what we're doing if people don't provide feedback, so please shoot me a message, I'd love to chat with you!