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Why You Should Consider PreCon This Year

Blog Post created by Erin Keefe Employee on Apr 1, 2019

This will be my fifth InstructureCon this year. I went once as a customer; the rest as an employee. No matter what role I was in, or where the conference was held, I always felt the same about InstructureCon - I wish I was there longer!


The reasons why are many - the locations are amazing, the food delicious, the entertainment blows my mind. But I think what stands out most, and what I hear from everyone else who attends, is the learning. You can learn something at InstructureCon every minute you're there. It doesn't matter if it's at breakfast, or on a shuttle, or walking to a session - learning is everywhere. Every interaction you have while there you can learn something new and awesome. 


One way to give you some more opportunities for the structured learning is at the preconference sessions during the day before the conference officially starts - PreCon we call it (catchy, huh?). We've just recently published the sessions for this year's PreCon, and I'm really excited about what we are offering this year. If you've never attended PreCon, I've got some reasons why you should considering coming to learn with us this year!


Reason 1: PreCon=Hands On. The sessions at PreCon are designed to be interactive, and to allow participants to try what is being presented. This year we've lengthened the session times, so the shortest sessions are two hours, and the longest sessions are six hours. The added time is for more in-depth exploration of the topics, with more time to participate. 


Reason 2: Timely Topics. We're offering 20 sessions this year. When it's time to design our schedule we ask ourselves three questions: 1 - What do our customers want?  2 - What education trends have we been hearing about? and 3 - How can we provide an amazing experience? We think we've created a schedule that answers all three of these questions, with a mix of topics that we've offered in the past and new topics that are relevant right now.


Reason 3: Access to Experts. All of the sessions are being delivered by an Instructure expert in the field. We've tapped some stellar members of Content Services, Training Services, Learning and Strategy Consulting Services, Technical Services, and Solutions Engineering to design the sessions and present at PreCon. 


Reason 4: Micro-credentialed Sessions (New this Year). We have partnered with Digital Promise for five of our sessions. The sessions in this strand have been designed around a Digital Promise micro-credential, with a key learning takeaway that is competency-based and backed by educational research. The participants in the sessions will learn the Canvas application of the content and will have time to build and submit the evidence toward the micro-credential during the session. Your evidence will be scored against a mastery rubric. Micro-credentials are delivered in the form of a open badge by Digital Promise, which can then be shared with the participant’s institution for professional learning.


Reason 5: Chat and Charge Lounge, Training Room, and Building Labs. In addition to the 20 sessions, we are also offering additional learning time and space during PreCon through these three avenues. Every ticket to a PreCon session comes with free entry to our Chat and Charge Lounge and Training Room. In the Chat and Charge Lounge you can rest, recharge, and also hear about a variety of Canvas-related topics through short, mini-presentations throughout the day. The Training Room will provide a schedule of 45-minute Canvas-related trainings during PreCon, presented by members of the Training Services Team. New this year are the Building Labs, offered for K-5, Secondary, and Higher Ed. These labs will give users the time and space to apply what they are learning during PreCon to their Canvas courses, with access to Instructure experts in the field. It's a great opportunity to get one-on-one help building the courses of your dreams. 


I have about 400 more reasons, but I'll stop here. We hope you check out the PreCon19 schedule, find something great, and join us on Tuesday, July 9. When you're checking out the sessions, you might want to keep this handy chart in mind:




Suggested tracks by user role

Beginner* Intermediate** Advanced*** All^


SessionTeacher/Faculty/Tech CoachInstructional DesignerCanvas AdminSchool Administration
Aligning Outcomes and Assessment for Data-Driven Learning**xxx
API 101: APIs for the Programming Newbie**xx
Chat and Charge Lounge^xxxx
Creating Highly Engaging Blended/Online Courses with Canvas!**xxx
Creating Killer Home Page Templates^xxxx
Creating Technology-Rich Professional Learning in Canvas*xxx
Designing your Online Course with Quality Matters*xxxx
Digging Deeper into Planning for Change^xx
Exploring Canvas in K-5*x
Getting Started: Canvas for HigherEd Faculty*xxx
Getting Started: Canvas for K12 Teachers*xxx
Getting Started: Everything you Need to Know as a New HED Canvas Admin*x
Getting Started: Everything you Need to Know as a New K12 Canvas Admin*x
Improving your Online Course with Quality Matters**xxxx
Leveraging Universal Design in Your Canvas Course*xxx
Open Lab HighEd^xx
Open Lab K-5^xx
Open Lab Secondary^xx
Personalizing Learning Experiences with Canvas**xx
Reports and Statistics: Using Canvas Data**xx
Setting Your Strategy for Change^xx
Training Room^xxxx
Transforming K-12 Classrooms with Canvas**xx


And...wondering if you can take all of those sessions you want at the same time? We got you...Check out the schedule below:

8 a.m.9 a.m.10 a.m.10:30 a.m.11 a.m.Noon12:30 p.m.1 p.m.2 p.m.3 p.m.4 p.m.5 p.m.
Personalizing Learning Experiences with CanvasTransforming K-12 Classrooms with Canvas
Setting Your Strategy for ChangeDigging Deeper Into Planning for ChangeAPI 101: For the Programming Newbie
Designing Your Online Course with Quality MattersImproving Your Online Course with Quality Matters
Creating Highly Engaging Blended/Online CoursesAligning Outcomes and Assessment for Data-Driven Learning
Chat and Charge Lounge
Training Room
Reports and Statistics: Using Canvas DataBuilding Lab: Secondary
Getting Started: Canvas for HighEd Faculty (Includes Lunch Break)
Getting Started: Canvas for K12 Teachers (Includes Lunch Break)
Leveraging Universal DesignCreating Killer Home Page TemplatesExploring Canvas K-5Building Lab: K-5
Getting Started: Everything you Need to Know as a New HED Canvas AdminCreating Technology-Rich Professional Learning in Canvas
Getting Started: Everything you Need to Know as a New K12 Canvas AdminBuilding Lab: Higher Ed


If you have any questions about PreCon19, please let us know! Hope to see you in Long Beach!