Canvas Parent App- Grade Period Display (can't leave parents behind!)

Idea created by AMY UELMEN on Nov 14, 2017
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    Our parents are using the Canvas Parent App to stay in touch with their children's grades and assignments on their smartphones.  However, since we are in a K-12 environment and use Quarters to grade, it would be beneficial for students to be able to switch between grading periods to get an accurate quarter average.  Currently, our parents can only see the quarter grade which is not a true representation of the semester grade since it is a cumulative grade.


    We would like the toggle between grading periods button or, if that's not possible, then just have the Canvas Parent App display "All grading periods" grade rather than the current term.


    It looks like work has been done in the Canvas Student App to resolve this issue:

    I found this Canvas string to fix this issue in the Canvas Student App, but we also need it to function within the Canvas Parent App.


    Also found this on your support pages:

    This idea is complete.  Please review  

    *Note: iOS does not provide the ability to toggle between multiple grading periods at this time.  It will display only the current grading period.