Scientific Notation in Formula Questions Redux

Idea created by David Anderson on Nov 16, 2017
    Open for Voting

    I would like to add my thanks to Canvas for incorporating scientific notation in numerical answer questions, but following on this I would also like to resuscitate an earlier idea that is currently in cold storage to incorporate scientific notation in formula questions as well. For all the same arguments that were presented to include it in numerical answer questions, it is essential to have it in formula questions too, and I'm hoping that having done it in the former, it won't be too difficult for Canvas to do it in the latter.


    I won't reiterate those arguments here (I'm happy to do so if needed), but rather make a personal plea. I am in the process of migrating hundreds of calculated formula questions from Blackboard to Canvas, and the vast majority of those require scientific notation and precision (number of significant figures). While I am able to tweak a few of them to work with standard notation (asking for the answer in GHz rather than Hz, changing it from 1.23e+11 Hz to 123 GHz, for example), there are many of these questions which simply will not work in Canvas without scientific notation.