SCORM and Internet Browser with UnSafe Scripts

Idea created by Jessica Sowalsky on Dec 12, 2017
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    We are having an issue with "unsafe scripts" and SCORM files in Canvas and how these files are being stored in Canvas. The issue is that students are having trouble loading the SCORM files into a new browser. When the lesson pops up in a new browser it is getting flagged as "unsafe script." As you see in the picture below, there is a shield or alert on the web address bar that tells you what the problem is. Students have to accept the "unsafe script" in order to advance and view the content.
    Based on our research, it looks like this issue affects not only Chrome but Firefox and Safari as well. Instructure told us to tell students to bypass Chrome and use Firefox or Safari but that was before we understood that this is a much larger issue than just Chrome and that those additional browsers are also affected. 
    The idea we have is to find a new way to have these SCORM files stored in Canvas besides using the SCORM tool:
    1) Allow the availability to upload SCORM files to Files folder in a Canvas course and use this content to load correctly and affiliate these files with an assignment
    2) Accommodate for Captivate files that are mixed content (the package has both http: and https: included therein) for easier use in assignments by uploading into rich-text editor instead of using the SCORM tool How do I upload an Adobe Captivate project (set of interactive slides) to Canvas?