Outcome Dashboard - Teacher

Idea created by Kevin Konsler on Dec 22, 2017
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    • Miranda Miller
    • Kevin Konsler
    • Eric lasky
    • Jennifer Crawford

    With wider adoption of Competency Education, it is essential for the Learning Mastery Gradebook to track outcome performance from one course to the next as well as year over year.  Currently, Outcomes are course-centric essentially locking their performances and progress into a course.  This performance data is unavailable to other teachers that have this student in class.  In order for teachers to be able to truly personalized and customize learning experiences for their students they need better access to data and student performance levels.  With Outcomes, courses and years could and should overlap to give a better representation of student growth.  For example, an English teacher and a History Teacher may both be assessing a students ability to cite evidence with an ELA outcome.  Both assignment submissions would be aligned to both the student and the outcome.


    Outcomes can be available on an Outcome Dashboard for teachers to be able to see and sort their students as well as built into the new students cards.


    Summary Statement:

    • Create Teacher Outcome Dashboard that tracks Student Outcomes Performance - Course to Course and Year over Year