Enable Group Setup Wizard for Existing Group Sets (resubmission)

Idea created by Linda J. Lee on Jan 30, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Ellen Rhudy
    • Linda J. Lee
    • Learning Technology
    • Alison Chamberlain

    This is a resubmission of Enable Group Setup Wizard for Existing Group Sets


    The Idea:

    Make the group setup wizard (Group Structure section in the Create Group Set panel) available through Edit Group Set not just Create Group Set.


    Currently, the group setup wizard is only available when you first create certain types of group sets.


    For Self Sign-Up group sets, you can  use the handy Group Setup wizard to create a specified number of groups with a specified limit on the number of members:



    For Group Sets where Canvas automatically places students into groups, Group Structure allows you to identify the total number of groups that should be created:



    But if you plan to manually place students into groups or want to edit an existing Group Set, this functionality is missing:



    A typical work around is to initially configure the group set as self-sign up, then remove that setting.


    The Problem:

    For large enrollment courses, it can be labor-intensive to manually create a large number of groups. If the original Group Set is deleted and then recreated in order to automatically create the groups, the association between that Group Set and any existing Group Assignments is broken (Warn before deleting an assignment-associated group set (resubmission)). And if not caught in time, can create problems for students submitting group assignments, teaching teams grading those assignments, and Canvas support teams that may be called upon to "fix it."


    At our school, problems most often come up because we do not have adequate information to create the necessary groups when assignments are created. Teaching team members wanting to save time may recreate the group set to avoid having to manually create the groups after the fact. This problem is often discovered only after students have started submitting the assignment, which can create a labor-intensive support problem.


    Use Cases:

    • The requirements for group structure are unknown when the assignment is created.
    • The requirements for group structure change after the assignment is created.
    • For large-enrollment, multi-section courses with section-limited self-signup groups, it is often necessary to include a indicator of the section within the group name (Section 001 Team 1, Section 001 Team 2, Section 002 Team 1, Section 002 Team 2, etc.). Being able to rerun the group setup wizard might allow the automatic creation of groups that are appropriately named and numbered for each group, without having to manually change the names.
    • The teaching team wants to rename all the groups (for instance, from Project Groups to Study Teams).
    • The number of enrolled students in a course increases after a group set is created, which means that many more groups are needed.
    • Creating groups in a course copy workflows (including Blueprint course workflows -  Canvas Release: Blueprint Courses) with an existing Project Groups group set.