Include alt text for images in emailed announcement notifications

Idea created by Linnea Thompson on Feb 15, 2018
    Open for Voting

    Currently, when announcements are sent out as emails, images are silently eaten, which can make some announcements confusing in notification form. There's a feature idea Formatting of Announcement Notifications addressing this and other issues, but I have a suggestion for a simple-to-code interim fix:


    Pull the alt text for the images from the announcement and put them in the announcement notification where the images should go. (Maybe put some markings like [Image: alt text for that image] to make it clearer that it is a description of an image.)


    Now that we have an easy way to add alt text to images in the RTE (and we should be doing so anyway for accessibility reasons), we also have a text fallback for our announcement images "for free" and it should be very easy to add it to the existing text-based announcement emails since it does not involve any of the complicated HTML formatting issues holding up Formatting of Announcement Notifications from being implemented. (It might also encourage people to write better alt text for their images since more people would see it.)