Announcements should sort by release date, not creation date

Idea created by Rachelle Tannenbaum on Mar 6, 2018
    • Rob Ditto
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • cms_hickss
    • Rachelle Tannenbaum

    I apologize if this has been proposed before, but I have searched all over and cannot find it. I frequently create announcements with delayed posting dates. However, when students view the announcement, both on the Announcements page and on the course home page, it displays with the date that I created the announcement, not the date it went out to students. This causes a few problems:

    • It can be confusing if, for example, the announcement begins with "today in class...." but the date is from a few weeks ago.
    • Because they are sorted by creation date, the most recent ones aren't necessarily on top of the list (or displayed at all in the "most recent" list on the course home page). So a student may glance at the list, and if they've already read the one at the top, not think to look below it for other new announcements.

    List of announcements from course home page. The second announcement is the most recent, but shows up second because it is sorted by creation date.

    I would like to see Canvas sort announcements based on the date and time that they are released to students, not the date that they are created by the instructor.