Easier searching in admin Grade Change Activity log

Idea created by James Ashby on Mar 12, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto
    • James Ashby

    The user experience of searching the Grade Change Activity log within the Admin Tools area is surprisingly clunky. If I type in a username into the "Student" field, for example, and immediately hit "Enter," it shows me an error message that says "A valid Grader, Student, Course Id, or Assignment Id is required to search events," which is confusing, because I think I've just entered a valid student. The problem is that Canvas displays search results under the "Student" box, and you have to click a result in order for the "Find" button down lower to work, even if your search only returned one result. And if you ignore the error message and just try clicking "Find" again, it's even worse, because the search results then disappear, making it even harder to determine what you did wrong. What's more, if you try to enter the username again without dismissing the error message, the search results no longer appear at all.


    I was trying to show another admin how to use this tool, and it took five minutes of coaching, which is surprising considering how simple it should be.


    When you type something into one of the search fields and hit enter or click Find, it should just find all results that match what you entered. It's that easy! If there are no results, it should say "No results." Get rid of the confusing, ephemeral pop-ups and this tool will be a piece of cake to use.


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