When Searching Files, Show File Path (Breadcrumb)

Idea created by Christopher Phillips on Mar 13, 2018
    Open for Voting

    In the file management experience you can easily search for a file that shows any file or files that contain that search term. However, you are unable to see where the file is located in the hierarchy of files. 


    You can drag and drop files into different folders but not the current location. A couple of scenarios where this would be helpful to know what folder the file is in: 

    1. Ability to browse to the file to locate related files that we don't know the name of (for example if we want to delete an HTML file or Flash file that have connecting files) 
    2. Occasionally instructors upload duplicate files and when searching it is easy to see all of them, but trickier to find out which ones should be deleted. 

    Screenshot showing a file in search results and lots of poorly organized files.


    A similar idea was submitted in back in 2015 and didn't receive a lot of support, but hoping it might do better this time around: 

    Breadcrumb Trail in Files  

    The question has come up in the community a couple of times as well: 


    I've tried to think through where to surface that information and am not quite sure - it would be easy to do if there were just one file that shows up in the search results, but a little trickier when there are multiple files. It would be great if it could show up in the file browser section, but if not - perhaps it could be available on hover or available the file preview.