Grading in Canvas Teacher App

Idea created by Jeff Schoettlin on Mar 28, 2018

    Canvas, I applaud you for trying to update and improve the usability of your iOS apps, but your new “Teacher” app has removed some CRITICAL features:


    1.  The inability to minimize the side “score panel” means that I’m forced to grade with half the screen, which is to say I can no longer grade on my iPad. With the SpeedGrader app, I could swipe the score panel off screen, and then, on the right side of the screen, there was a tab that would allow me to swipe again to bring the panel back out. Now, I’m FORCED to have it out, which means that what I’m grading gets half the space, which makes it completely useless!


    2. There’s no longer the option to select and assess one section of a class. Now, if I want to show one, individual class what their section produced, I have to swipe through every, single student in every, single section of that class. Again, this makes using the app extremely difficult as I prefer to look at all submissions from one section before moving-on to the next section.


    Please restore these features, or add them to whatever this new app is, and the next time you decide to cut support for an app (SpeedGrader), you should think about making sure the new app is better.