Ability to set term for an assignment grade

Idea created by Nathan Campbell on Apr 5, 2018
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    • John Boekenoogen
    • Mark Goldner
    • Stephanie Ferron
    • Nathan Campbell
    • Jennifer Jaruse

    The issue: As teachers approach the end of a term (e.g. quarter, trimester, semester) they often want students to turn in work by a particular date, but the teacher will not get around the entering the grades until a later date - often a week or more into the new term.


    Canvas uses the due date to nest an assignment's grade in a particular term. This is the default and there is no way to modify where the grade goes other than by changing the due date. Late policies and other things are attached to the due date, so changing the due date after the fact will impact late policies, etc.


    My idea: Create an option on the Assignment edit page that would allow the teacher to not only choose the due date (when the assignment should be turned in), but also the term (where the grade should be applied).

    Choose 'Term'


    With this feature...

    1. The teacher could add an assignment that would appear in one term (by virtue of the due date it is given
      1. The late policies that are pre-set by the teacher would be applicable
    2. The assignment would appear in the gradebook in the following term (possibly these assignments would be the first one's in a term gradebook (appearing directly to the right of the students' names)
    3. Once entered, the grade will appear (and ultimately be counted) in that next term.


    This would impact the rigid nature of term start/end dates. I imagine that those tools would need to be more dynamic to support this type of use of the product.