Integrate Any Online Video with Arc

Idea created by Gregory Beyrer on Apr 9, 2018
    Open for Voting

    It would be great if Arc could allow any online video. YouTube is a welcome first step in the ability to include videos hosted on other places besides Arc, but Arc will be so much better when we can include any online video.


    Here are two use cases specific to my college that I expect other institutions have in parallel:

    1. California's community colleges have a service called 3C Media Solutions, which is free for CCC employees to use and provides hosting and streaming for both instructional and non-instructional videos. There is already an LTI app for 3C Media Solutions, which makes it easy for instructors to embed their videos via a button on the Rich Content Editor toolbar. In addition, the service connects with the CCC system's Distance Education Captioning and Transcription grant. This makes it easy for instructors to have their uploaded videos captioned. 
    2. My college has purchased a subscription to Films on Demand, which gives our instructors access to a library of online videos to use in their classes. This also has an LTI app with a button in the Rich Content Editor toolbar. Like the YouTube button, instructors use an online dialog to search, preview, and embed videos for their students.


    I want to use the viewer insights and time-stamped comments for the videos I have uploaded to 3C Media Solutions and the videos my college has licensed from Films on Demand. And if it can be done for these two then it can be done for any online video. Surely there is a way to leverage the LTI connection that various video providers have to connect with Arc.


    Given the challenges of licensing videos provided by vendors this will likely be a big lift but nevertheless will be worth it for our students.