More options for "Message students who..." from gradebook

Idea created by Rhea Chenery on May 5, 2018
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    In gradebook we can currently message students straight from the gradebook (which is awesome!), and there are 4 options for the set of students:

    - Haven't submitted

    - Haven't been graded

    - Scored less than

    - Scored more than


    I'd like to widen these options, in particular I would really find 2 options useful:

    - Submitted late

    - Haven't submitted AND due date is in the next 24* hours

    *the specific time in advance isn't something I'm too set on, but 24 hours makes sense to me. 


    The reason for the late submission set is that we currently manually have to go through and find the red boxes, write their name down somewhere else, and then email that student individually. This probably isn't something most places have to worry about if they simply accept a late submission with some penalty. My faculty has a zero tolerance on late submissions, so we need to more actively manage this. 


    The reason for the haven't submitted AND due date is soon, is to allow for varying submission times. We have midnight due times in our faculty, and so I use the gradebook to send out a reminder about 2-3 hours before this for those that haven't submitted yet. But when students have extensions, this can be quite disconcerting for them to receive a reminder when they don't actually have something due that night. I've had quite a few worried responses, even though I put a big disclaimer "Warning: If you have an extension, please ignore this" within the message. 


    And if this has already been suggested, please someone point me towards this, I looked but couldn't find anything.