Moderated Grading history should be retained

Idea created by Jeremy Stevens on Jun 7, 2018
    Open for Voting

    When an assignment has 'Moderated grading' toggled on, all reviews of all student submissions should be retained by the system and made accessible to site instructors after grades are posted to the Gradebook. Currently, once the final grades are selected and posted, all other reviews are overwritten and no longer viewable.


    It is important for this data to be retained and made accessible to instructors for academic integrity and student appeal purposes.


    Further information:

    We recently had an instructor at our institution run an assignment with moderated grading turned on. A student had been reviewed twice. Fortunately both reviews had the same grade, but only one had annotations and comments.


    The review without annotations and comments was posted to the Gradebook. The student could not access that feedback, and now, the instructor cannot access it to download and provide to the student.


    When the instructor goes to the 'Moderate' view in the assignment, they can see both grades for the student, but selecting either of them will only display the final posted version. The history of the individual reviews is not retained. Canvas support have confirmed for me that this is the case with the 'Moderated grading' function. It is not clear to me why the feature would be designed in this way.


    This poses a significant problem if/when any students in a similar situation wish to dispute grades, lodge an appeal, or even just enquire about the moderation process for the assignment.


    It would be extremely beneficial if this feature were amended, so that all reviews of student submissions in a moderated assignment are retained and made accessible to instructors through the 'Moderate' view.