Enlarge the SpeedGrader & Assignment Comment Box

Idea created by Pam VanLonden on Jun 29, 2018

    Hundreds of times a day, I must comment in the SpeedGrader or Assignment Comments area. The box is tiny...it is tinier than it used to be. Why can't it be bigger? This isn't Twitter.  I have to stretch it out so I can see what I've written.


    I have to correct my spelling and provide URLs, etc. Sometimes I paste in my scoring criteria and leave notes (because their is no Grade Form like TurnItIn has; just a complicated rubric.


    Please ENLARGE the Assignment commenting box in the Assignment and SpeedGrader pages to reduce the strain on my eyes and hands. When the box got tinier a few weeks ago, it also started jumping around. I'm using a Chrome browser on a Chromebook, but the problem also occurs on my Mac.


    SpeedGrader's commenting area can stretch to be wider and the Commenting box can stretch to be taller. Would it be nice if both were taller and wider to begin with?


    Students often can't find the Commenting box they need to type in when replying to my comments because it is hidden below the scroll line if I've already left a comment. If that box is at the bottom of the screen, then it is too hard to stretch it vertically due to the stuff below it.