Allow multiple date due dates for projects/weekend homework

Idea created by Bridget Shee Anderson on Jul 3, 2018
    • Eric Bush
    • Klara Sjo

    My students use the CANVAS CALENDAR more than looking at modules and I use assignments to put in homework each day in order to encourage habitual homework habits and planning.  Thus, on Fridays I have homework that will last Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I would like that to show up as one long box on the calendar for those days rather than creating duplicate assignments for each day..  


    At the moment, Canvas only allows ONE due date on the calendar feature of assignments (and it shows up on the calendar), but I'd like it to offer multiple due date that allow  me to put it in as "from due date - to due date" and it would show up on all of those days on the calendar, but only be one assignment over multiple days in the assignment and module setting.  

    It's a simple fix, but allows much more flexibility for those who may be dealing with younger populations who need to develop daily homework skills.