Assignment Comments Box Skips to the Top of the Page

Idea created by Aaron Bergeson on Jul 5, 2018
    • Aaron Bergeson

    I'm working with an instructor who likes to give a lot of feedback to students in the Assignment Comments text entry box in SpeedGrader (see example picture below). He gives enough feedback that it fills the whole box after it stretches vertically on the page. At a certain point, he is unable to see what he is typing because every time he types, the view of the Assignment Comments text entry box skips back up to the top of the page. This appears to be a recent issue.

    I've suggested that he type up his comments in a word processing application and paste them into this box later, but I also thought I would post this as an idea. Would there be any way to fix this so the page doesn't skip back up to the top when a grader is entering lots of information in this text entry box?

    I am also submitting this to Canvas support as well.

    View of the text entry box


    This issue also appears to be reported in the following area:

    Enlarge the SpeedGrader & Assignment Comment Box 


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