Don't filter out email notification of "post by me"

Idea created by Kelly Heller on Jul 9, 2018
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    • Kelly Heller

    I am a student who likes to enable "maximum email notifications."  


    I am in a class where essentially all of the course takes place in what canvas calls discussion_topics.  We post our assignments to a discussion, we critique other students' work using that same discussion, we interact with the instructor in the discussion.  


    Therefore, by enabling email notifications for all discussion posts, I can *almost* achieve automatic capture of the entire course just by capturing all the emails.  


    However, to my frustration, when I post my own work in a discussion, I do not receive an email notification triggered by my own post.  


    I do see options to get email notification for "Conversations Created By Me" and "Announcements Created By Me".


    Please add an option for:

        - "Discussion Post Created By Me."


    This way, when I search my email history related to a particular discussion_topics, my email history will comprise a *complete* record of that topic, rather than a record where my own contributions are completely absent.


    Thank you!