Admin permission to prevent or hide export, copy, delete in course settings

Idea created by Garrett Williams on Jul 13, 2018
    Open for Voting

    Canvas Admins need the ability to prevent user roles (teachers, designers, etc) from exporting, copying or deleting courses. We also need the ability to prevent users from sharing courses in the Canvas Commons.


    Why is this necessary?


    We invest a lot of money in course development. We want to protect our investment and prevent the sharing of our intellectual property. It is very difficult for admins to see if a course has been exported or shared. While we can tell employees not to do this, it is very difficult to enforce. We have had several instances where our course content was compromised. The sharing culture that exists around technology makes matters worse because most people do not view this behavior as "wrong." 


    The copy, import, export, delete and reset options should not be the default for the teachers role. We pay a lot of money to strategically build courses for our virtual school. Administrators should be able to better manage how their courses are used or shared. If desired, admins should be able to turn off or restrict this feature set.