Headers in Rubrics for Informational Text

Idea created by chofer@morainepark.edu Champion on Aug 2, 2018
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    It would be helpful to be able to add one or more rows to a rubric that are purely for informational purposes...no points...no non-scoring (words)...just information used as a "header" for criteria that follows below it.


    The Issue

    This Feature Idea piggybacks off of a Feature Idea I submitted back in 2015 called Rubric for Informational Text with No Point Value which has now been developed by Instructure.  (The ability to have both points and non-scoring values...shown below...in the same rubric is a separate Feature Idea I've recently submitted here: Combined Scoring and Non-Scoring Rubrics.)


    Our Scoring Guides ("Rubrics" in Canvas) sometimes include headers within the cell rows (as shown in rows 6 and 9 below).  As you can see from the image, these two rows do not have any points assigned to them...nor do they have any non-scoring values (Canvas Release: Non-Scoring Rubrics).  These two rows are purely for informational purposes only...nothing to be graded via SpeedGrader in those two rows.


    Headings in Scoring Guide


    The current work-around that I've used countless times is to assign two cells (you have to have at last two ratings per criterion) with values of zero...so that this row does not factor in to the overall intended total points of the assignment...as shown here:


    From row 6 in above image.

    Act Responsibly Header


    This is the only text ("Act Responsibly" and "Communicate Clearly") provided in the curriculum for rows 6 and 9, and so having 0 points and "No Description" for rows like this could be kind of confusing for instructors and students.