Add a Learning Record Store (LRS) to Canvas

Idea created by Erin Sapienza on Aug 1, 2018
    Open for Voting

    An LRS is a database where each learner's xAPI activity statements/learning records are stored.


    The Experience API is significantly different from SCORM. Unlike SCORM, the xAPI is not limited to eLearning courses or learning management systems. As a standard, it describes how you can interface any software application with a system that stores and reports on learning data, such as a learning management system.

    Many LMSs already produce xAPI data or have plug-ins that allow you to connect data from your LMS directly to an LRS. This will allow you to see more granular insights and specific activity data from your LMS, like repeated attempts, changed answers, media interaction, and branching choices. That way, as your people are working through a course or content journey in the LMS you can see their patterns of activity in the LRS’s data dashboards in real time. You’ll then be able to analyze how that activity relates to and impacts their performance in LMS assessments. Connecting your LMS to an LRS will provide you with in depth resolution data about your learners’ individual experiences, analysis of trends shared by your learners across the team, and an auditable data log of all the activity of your learners for compliance documentation. 


    The feature(s) I'm requesting are that Canvas has a built-in LRS therefore supporting the xAPI tracking & reporting.