Syllabus Editor to pdf

Idea created by Russ Puskarcik on Sep 10, 2018
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    • Russ Puskarcik
    • Rob Ditto
    • Jennifer Stofer
    • Matthew Melendez
    • Chester Kozikowski
    • Emma Gold
    • Ted Baldwin

    I like the Syllabus Editor, but there is one thing that it is lacking which would make it a really nice tool, and that is to make it printer friendly. When students print it out, it's not so bad. It still has a lot of unwanted stuff like "Jump to Today" and all the links in the Course Summery are showing... mucking up the otherwise nicely displayed list of assignments. The teachers version has the EDIT button showing, and the right-hand margin is cut to far in. If you print in Student View, it has that annoying message at the bottom "You are currently logged into Student View" which also cuts off some of the bottom of each page.


    I would like to see a "download pdf" button in both the teachers view and the student view that has all the unnecessary stuff removed, and formatted as a nice pdf document ready to submit to the division office. Can this be done?