Endpoint for API conversations.batches

Idea created by Andrea G Schmidt on Sep 13, 2018
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    • Greg Thomas
    • John Boekenoogen
    • leward@iu.edu
    • Andrea G Schmidt
    • Robert Carroll
    • Dona Gibbons
    • Damian Sobieralski
    • Christopher Maurer

    At times it is necessary to use "mode": "async", especially in very large courses in order to not receive a timeout message when using the API to create a conversation.


    While GET /api/v1/conversations/batches will send the status while it has not completed, once complete, there is no way to get the status, (e.g., did it successfully complete, were there errors sending the message).


    Since the batch id is returned in the header when using "mode": "async", it would be very helpful if there were an endpoint accepting the batch id and displaying the status once it no longer displays for 'running' batches.


    Create conversation: Conversations - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 

    Get running batches: Conversations - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation