Student View and Unpublish/Restricted Files

Idea created by Daniel Fox on Oct 11, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Rob Ditto
    • Shoshana Brassfield
    • Daniel Fox

    There is currently a bug in Student View where unpublished or restricted files can be accessed.


    Let's say a teacher uploads a new file to a page and then sets the permission on that file to unpublished or restricted by date. If they were to use Student View, they would get the correct error message when attempting to view it.


    Now let's say the teacher clicks the link while not in Student View. The file will download as excepted. Now let's say the teacher goes into Student View and clicks the same link. Despite the permissions, the file will download. This is because the link was cached when the teacher clicked the link in their regular view, and the browser is ignoring the permission setting of the file.


    We have had several instances where a faculty member uploads a file to a page, clicks the file, then tests it in student view only to be surprised when the permission setting does not work. They are immediately concerned that students are able to access files they should not be able to.


    If it's called student view it should be student view, not student view with several technical exceptions that may not be clear to non-technical faculty.