Consistent Menu Options for Assignments and Discussions

Idea created by Garrett Williams on Oct 22, 2018
    Open for Voting

    There are several inconsistencies in the Canvas "assignments" menus. I prefer the way the Discussions menu handles assignment deletion, rubrics and speedgrader. It provides one stop shopping for the user. Unfortunately, the actual Assignments menu handles deletion and other tasks differently. You have to select edit to delete and the drop down option only suggestions commons sharing. This inconsistency between Assignments and Discussions should be fixed so that both drop down menus match. As of right now the drop down menu for assignments is rather useless.


    The one-stop shopping approach for Discussions Menu gives the user every possible option before they choose to edit their entry.


    In order to delete an assignment you have to hit edit. Speedgrader is available to the right and rubric creation is at the bottom. You have to look all over the place to select what you want to do with the assignment.


    Selecting edit allows you to delete the assignment. This is very annoying and the step should be unnecessary. Users should be able to delete from the menu in a way that is similar to Discussions. It would be nice if this menu added Speedgrader and rubrics as well.