Make Groups and Group Discussions more compatible with external applications

Idea created by Camilla Fincham on Oct 22, 2018
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    We have noticed that external application integrations seem to break in Groups and Group Discussion items consistently.

    For example: When our students try to embed a Kaltura video in a group discussion using our Kaltura integration, they run into the following error message:

    Example of Broken External application in Group Discussion item. Students receive "Access Denied" error message when trying to add a video to their post via an external application integration.

    We have been told that this occurs because Kaltura (the external application) does not recognize Groups in Canvas. Because this has happened with multiple external applications, we think that the cause of this problem may be the fact that Canvas Groups and Group Discussions do not include the course number in the Group URL.


    Here is how the URLs look at present (these are our customized URL, but the same problem occurs with the original URL):

    Current Group URL example:

    Current Group Discussion URL example:

    Course number in course URL example:

    Example of desired URL outcome:


    It seems that there is not much connecting the Groups and Group Discussion items to the root course that they are part of. In order to better link these items, I would like to have the course number included in the Group and Group Discussion items. I think including the course number in the Group URL would improve the Canvas experience for both students and instructors in the following ways:

    • Greatly improve the experience of anyone who wishes to use an external application in a Group or Group Discussion item. This opens new instructional and educational options for instructors and contributes to a richer learning experience for students.
    • May make it easier to navigate back and forth between a Group and the course it is part of. At present this is cumbersome: when users want to navigate back to the root course from a Group, they often need to go back to the Dashboard to click back into the course or click the browser’s “back” button (very cumbersome if the user has just completed work or visited several different pages in the Group). This potential improvement would benefit both instructors and students. 


    However, if there is a better solution than this that would make Groups and Group Discussions more compatible with external applications, then I would definitely be happy to see that developed.