Allow Quizzes.Next assessment to be initial assessment for Mastery Paths

Idea created by Keith Sollers on Oct 26, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I would like to apply Mastery Paths as an option at the initial step of a Quizzes.Next assessment.  A specific use case is:


    A student is assessed via a graded multiple choice quiz to be in one of three categories A, B, and C, with variable points assigned to each category of 0 pts, 1 pt, and 2 pts respectively.  Based on their assessed category, the student would be directed to the appropriate content for that category via Mastery Paths. 


    NOTE: One can assign Mastery Paths to a Quizzes.Next quiz as the initial assessment, but attempting to use the Mastery Paths functionality fails (with no error message, that I could see).  Presumably, this is because this feature has not been implemented.


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    Kevin Dougherty (credited for a post that assisted in formulating this feature idea)