Display Extended Time Limit and Base Time Limit for Quizzes.Next Quizzes

Idea created by Dustin Wood on Nov 7, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Christopher Phillips

    Describe the Feature

    It is difficult for students taking quizzes with extended time to easily tell if their quiz time has been extended. This feature would display both the student’s time limit with and the time limit without extension.

    Use to Other Institutions

    As there does not appear to be another way for students to verify their quiz extension has been added, I would assume it would be useful to students at all institutions.

    How it Would Work

    For example, a 15-minute quiz for a student with double time would appear as:

    Time Limit: 30 Minutes (Extended from 15 Minutes)

    For Example, currently a quiz would display as:

    With the feature added a quiz would display as:


    This is not a feature that I would be able to implement myself, but would be available for consultation.