Move Global Announcements out of Settings

Idea created by Tim Maw on Nov 29, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Leigh LA Bauserman
    • Gavin Harper
    • Wesley Turner
    • Aaron Bahmer
    • Tim Maw
    • Kelvin Dean

    Right now you have to go to your account settings in order to make a global announcement like this:


    This is not very intuitive, I would've never have thought to find them in settings since this is something that is not a setting at all. It makes them feel like they are being buried.


    I suggest we move them to the navigation pane so you can find them quickly, saving a lot of time for those of us who make a lot of global announcements. Here is my example of what it would look like:

    An example of the announcements shown in the navigation pane.