New Gradebook: Numeric Equivalent Should Display Alongside Letter Grades

Idea created by Steven Williams on Nov 30, 2018
    Open for Voting

    In the current (old?) Gradebook, when an assignment is scored using Letter Grades, a numeric equivalent is displayed alongside each letter entered for a student. However, in the New Gradebook, only the letter is displayed. However, Canvas currently treats letter grades as their numeric equivalent behind the scenes, and in CSV exports (despite some long-standing interest in the Community to treat letter grades differently: Can't a letter grade just be a letter grade? )


    Because the Canvas Gradebook is so centered around numeric scores -- and particularly with CSV exports not including letter grades -- it is important that the gradebook UI reflects the data that an instructor sees if they download the gradebook. The New Gradebook should be made consistent with the current gradebook and include the numeric equivalent alongside the letter grade, in order to reflect the underlying data and better clarify grade calculation to instructors and students.