Delay send for email within Canvas

Idea created by Lauri Linder on Jan 2, 2019
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    • Julie Thenell
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Lisa Albrecht

    I am a faculty member in the College of Nursing and try to maximize the use of Canvas for my course. I thought I would pass along a wish list item for Canvas.


    I’m one of those faculty members who does my best to set expectations for my students about my availability – specifically that I will not be accessible to them after hours, holidays, or weekends. Otherwise, they can anticipate that I will see their message the day it was sent or the day after and anticipate a timely response during typical working hours.


    That being said, I am also one of those folks who may do some after hours work of my own choosing to get a little jump start on the next day – meaning that I may compose emails on weekends or even late in the evening and just save them as drafts to send the next weekday morning. I was wondering if Canvas might consider or be considering an option to generate an email draft and then allow the sender to actually send it at the time of his or her choosing. I love the mute function in the Canvas grade book for this reason (in addition to not allowing anyone to see a score until all are submitted).