Rubric Marking Conventions

Idea created by Nancy LaChance on Jan 3, 2019
    Open for Voting

    After the release of the rubric with the "No Points" option, the rubrics have become much harder to work with.  Before this release, when one marked a rubric rating, the entire box was colored, making it easy to see, at a glance, that all items have been scored.  This was replaced with an underline below the selected criteria, which is much harder to see "at a glance."  What is even worse is that when the instructor uses point ranges and awards points that fall within a range, there is no mark at all.  The marking should be placed within the range it is associated with.  We have a large number of faculty complaining that they now miss items in the rubric due to this unclear and incomplete marking system.  (See illustration below.)  I tend to agree that the color coding should be optional, but most importantly it is critical that the grader can easily ensure that all criteria in the rubric have been assessed. Particularly with a longer rubric, this is causing issues that could easily be avoided.   In my perfect world, the box selected would appear in greyscale - regardless of what the rating is.  And all ratings would be indicated (although as I think about this, it might be nice to have the partial points in a range option shaded a bit lighter than full credit within a range).

    Rubric Illustration