Allow a Reply to All from Conversations When Replying from External Email

Idea created by Tim Maw on Jan 4, 2019
    Open for Voting

    I asked this question earlier today about being able to respond to Conversation messages from email. Is there a way to respond to all through email notification for Conversations?  We have had instances where a student asks a question to two different instructors through Conversations. Both instructors receive a notification to their email that the message was sent. Instructor A then responds to the message through their email having no idea the message was also sent to Instructor B. Instructor B later sees the same notification in their email and proceeds to answer it without any knowledge that Instructor A had already responded. This can be frustrating for both students and instructors alike. 


    I think we need an option where you can reply to everyone included in the Conversation from your email. Being able to respond through an external email is extremely convenient and something we enjoy. Not knowing that the message was sent to someone else as well is the frustrating part. I would like in my example above for Instructor B to be notified about the response from Instructor A when an email was sent, essentially creating a Reply to All feature.