Replace the "Go" button in Appointment Group Creation

Idea created by Daniel Fox on Feb 7, 2019
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    Every once and awhile you come across something and think "What? Why is that called that?" A great example is the "Go" button in Appointment Group Creation.


    I am sure you have been in this situation. You are assisting a user with creating Office Hours, lunch meet-ups, or some other instance where users sign-up. When it comes time to split those two or three hour slots, you just need to "Go".


    "Go" where? Where am I going? What?


    Here it is:

    Just for comparison sake, here is the same button (with the same functionality) in the "Edit Group Details Page":


    From a user experience point of view this is terrible. The "Go" button is so bad that some users don't even recognize it as important. They will simply leave the "Divide into equal slots of 30 minutes" as without clicking "Go", assuming the slots will be split upon publishing".


    I think this frustration is best described in dialogue form:


    (Set the scene: I am assisting a user with setting up 30 minute slots for office hours, every Tuesday from 3-5pm for the entire semester)


    User: So I just need 3:00 - 3:30, 3:30 - 4:00.. and so on every Tuesday from February through May.


    Me: Sure, unfortunately you'll need to enter every day manually, but you can just enter the 3-5pm time block and split later.


    User: I see, not ideal but OK. (User enters 3...)


    Me: You need to type the whole "3:00"...


    User: Ah Ok, (defaults to 3:00am)


    Me: It defaults to 3:00am for some reason, you'll just need to type "pm" at the end"


    User: OK... (user enters 5:00pm)


    Me: So you just do that for every Tuesday...


    (10 minutes pass, all dates have been entered)


    Me: Great, now you just need to click...


    User: Ah I see, it will auto-split into 30 minute slots.


    Me: Well not by default you just need to click the...


    User: And then I just want one student to sign up per slot...


    Me: That's right but you still need to click that "Go" button...


    User: And then publish! (User clicks "Publish")


    Me: (Internally: No!!!!!)


    *Silence* user checks calendar....


    User: That's odd, it's just a 3-5pm block, they didn't split into 30 minute slots.


    Me: Unfortunately that's true, you needed to click the "Go" button to do the splitting.


    User: What? It said "Divide into 30 minute slots".


    Me: Right, but there was a "Go" button to the right of it that did the splitting.


    *User stairs at me blankly*


    User: Well, all is not lost, I can just edit the appointment group and do the splitting. Look! There's the "Create Slots" button! I didn't see that before.


    Me: That's right, the button was called "Go", but did the same thing.


    (User clicks on "Create Slots" button but nothing happens).


    User: I found the button but now it's not working!


    Me: Unfortunately, you can't split blocks of time after you've published the appointment group.


    *User stairs at me blankly*


    User: So...what do I do?


    Me: You need to delete the whole thing and start over.


    User: But then I have to manually enter every date again.


    Me: Unfortunately yes.


    User: OK, I'm just sticking a piece of paper on the door, students can sign up with paper and pencil.


    The moral of this story is to rename the "Go" button "Create Slots".