Navigation Between Announcements

Idea created by Bradley Turek on Feb 14, 2019
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    The Scenario

    You log in to Canvas to check out your classes. You see that one of your professors has made multiple announcements. Once you've read the first announcement, you want to see what the other announcements are all about—unfortunately, you find no easy way to get from one announcement to another. You finally and frustratedly find your way back to the Announcements page, and ornerily click the next announcement.


    The Problem

    Currently, it's quite difficult to navigate between announcements. In fact, once you're viewing an announcement the only way to get to the next announcement is to go back to the Announcements page.


    This is what that process currently looks like (in full-colored frustration):


    The current process


    The Solution

    I think a lot of people will agree with me that getting between announcements is unnecessarily difficult, especially considering how integral announcements are to Canvas.


    An easy solution to this navigation problem is to add navigation buttons to the announcement view. Maybe, they could even resemble the buttons associated with Modules:

    However, maybe just slapping the buttons in the same place as they are in a Module is too crude a solution; maybe a closer look is necessary to get this right.


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