On Paper Assignment Tweaks

Idea created by Henry Grayson Adams on Feb 26, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Emily Pulham
    • Eric Whitmer
    • Erin Cox
    • Bryce Paulson
    • Sky V. King (FIU Online)
    • Henry Grayson Adams

    In Canvas, when a teacher sets up an assignment in such a way where it is to be submitted "on paper" yet marked in modules to be "Must Submit," there is no way to give that assignment a checkmark as a student unless you go out of your way to inform a teacher of the issue and get them to change the submission requirements. This leads to modules being marked as "incomplete" because there is no possible way for a student to submit an "on paper" assignment online and meet the requirements of the posted assignment. Even if the teacher grades the assignment, it still does not yield a checkmark in modules. If this situation is fixed to be impossible (because it should not be possible for a teacher to make this mistake), it would help many students feel at ease. It's a minor thing, but as a student who uses Canvas myself, everyone I know hates when this occurs and would appreciate a fix.

    Seth Johnson just @ing to get the attention possibly, I'm new to this