Assessment Link Indicates Student Submission Status

Idea created by Gregory Beyrer on Mar 1, 2019
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    • Ken Cooper
    • Professor Lassonde
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    • Gregory Beyrer

    TL; DR

    When an assessment is linked via the Rich Content Editor, students see their submission status for that assessment.

    The Scenario

    An effective practice for course design is to add a summary page at the end of each module that reminds students what they learned and lists the assessments that allowed them to demonstrate what they learned in the module. Not all modules require assessment submissions before getting to the summary page.


    A reasonable student might not remember if they have submitted all of the assessments listed. If the student selects the Grades page they can confirm, but then they have to select among several paths to navigate back to that summary page. If an instructor provides a link to the assignment that can save the student a click and maybe some scrolling in order to get to that information, but the student still has to select a return path.

    The Solution

    If an instructor links to an assessment within the Rich Content Editor, the status of that assessment for the student viewer is displayed:

    • Not submitted
    • Submitted but not graded
    • Graded

    The display icon or score is the same as it is on the Grades page, and selecting it takes the student to the assessment page (just like it does when a student selects the link to the assessment).