Total time in Canvas Data

Idea created by Fernando Granja on Apr 8, 2019
    Open for Voting

    Our administration has requested a report on time spent for all students in Canvas. Previously, with Blackboard, we were able to calculate time spent based on login and logout date/times. Canvas should be able to provide us with this data.  We have looked at Canvas data and while we do have the timestamp available for a session ID, we do not have a timestamp for the logout of this session. This shouldn't be isolated to students, this information would be useful for instructors and other roles. 


    This information is quite valuable as it will also allow us to track student overall time in a course. This would provide us with general information on the time the student is active in a course which is useful for an instructor and program admins.


    In short, Canvas should be able to provide  a student's total time within a course via a report or analytics. We think this would be beneficial to the administration and faculty.