API Endpoint for Assignment Group Score

Idea created by Barbara Willems on Apr 10, 2019
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    In our Student Information System we store and display grade information on the level of the Assignment Groups. On the transcript of records that students can extract from there, scores are displayed by assignment group. 

    In Canvas, Assignment Group total scores are displayed in the Gradebook and the student grade view. 

    However, it's a dynamic value that changes based on grading rules and the values entered for each individual  assignment. 

    To import this total value to our SIS, we need an API endpoint for the Assignment Group score. 


    Why is this needed? 

    If we can't retrieve this value directly, we need to mirror all grading rules in the API before transferring the score to our SIS. This is not only error-prone, it's also unsustainable in case changes are made to the process of how Canvas calculates grades/ scores. Furthermore, we believe that grading rules (e.g. 'drop lowest n') trigger a rather complex matching algorithm that might make it hard for us to: 

    a. find out how it works in the first place in order for our API to come to the same result 

    b. include all rules in our API without limiting the APIs efficiency 


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