Intuitive Cross-listing Tool

Idea created by Neal Shebeck on Apr 25, 2019
    Open for Voting

    There have been some cross-listing improvements suggested over the years. I think this post of a JavaScript hack gets closest to where cross-listing should be. It's counter-intuitive to go to where you want to move and then select where to move it. You should identify the parent course, it should show you a list of current term courses you're a teacher in and allow you to select all that should move into the parent course. Done.


    Accomplishing this with JavaScript isn't something that would be great to maintain as things get changed in Canvas. It should just be the way cross-listing happens natively.


    The hack referenced above, also adds an easier search tool for admin to find cross-listed courses so they can be de-cross-listed. That's awesome too but likely a second feature request. It makes it possible to change the name of the course which we couldn't support so I would like this to just be about improving the cross-listing process.


    In addition to the process change, it should have a warning about grades not moving with cross-listed courses and another mention of that when clicking "Yes, I really want to do this" as mentioned in this feature request. Also a link to the generic help doc explaining what cross-listing is.


    I'm not looking to make a kitchen-sink feature request, just a cross-list tool that happens to make more sense to the end-user, and satisfy several feature requests and dev hacks over the years.


    Thanks to Chad Scott, Stuart Freeman, Bobbie Garner-Coffie, and Fritz Vandover for also wanting a better tool and posting the above hack and requests.