New Quizzes.Next Question Type: Graphing Questions

Idea created by Aaron Ayres on Apr 30, 2019
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    • Jan Hermansen
    • Julie Gathright
    • Abby Cunningham
    • Rob Ditto
    • Aaron Ayres

    As a middle-school math teacher I'm always looking for ways my students can practice all coordinate plane-related concepts & skills (graphing equations, geometric transformations, analyzing functions, sketching graphs, etc.), and one of the reasons why I have not used Canvas more extensively for all assessments is the inability to easily create and grade problems involving a coordinate plane where students must interact with the graph in order to answer a given question.  Recently I have turned to Edulastic and plan to utilize some of the Technology-Enhanced Question types to provide my students additional practice using technology tools to complete class tasks and master state standards. 

    Ultimately I believe it would be a great asset if Canvas would integrate variations of these technology-enhanced question-types into the Quizzes.Next interface.   I have linked some additional information regarding Edulastic's Graphing Tool below:


    Edulastic Graphing Tool


    There are additional technology-enhanced tools in Edulastic that I also believe would enhance the Quizzes.Next environment, however with the other Quizzes.Next question-types already available I believe with the addition of a Graphing Question-type I can utilize more of the full-functionality and convenience of Quizzes.Next and Canvas and create exactly the type of online assessments I need to evaluate my students' work in a efficient manner. 


    Thanks to everyone involved for their consideration of this idea.