Notifications Tab within Canvas

Idea created by Sarah Bennett-George on May 3, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Sarah Bennett-George

    It seems that many of the features of Canvas are tapping into workflow styles that students are developing based on the prevalence of Social Media in their lives.  I think this could be taken a step further for Instructors by the creation of a tab within the Gradebook that would give a running list of notifications.  We receive an email on an immediate/daily/weekly schedule based on our preferences, but where are those notifications listed within Canvas?


    The situation that prompted this for me was finding a student comment on an entry in the gradebook.  I accidentally clicked on the arrow button rather than the number when going in to modify a student's grade and found that the student had made a comment on that grade asking about the very change I was about to make.  I dug through my Spam folder and found that I had received an email notification about this days prior, but there was nowhere within Canvas to indicate to me that this student comment had been made. 


    I would appreciate if there was a running list of notifications for each course within Canvas itself.  The students are given a tool to make direct comments, and it should be easier for instructors to see those comments and actions so we can respond to them in a timely manner.