Enhance pop-up message and Block move Next in Modules when Mastery Paths is locked

Idea created by David Millington on May 9, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Bobby Pedersen
    • Rob Ditto
    • Steph Barry
    • James B Wells
    • David Millington
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Kona Jones
    • stephanie roberts
    • Darren Gunn

    Could the Move next option in @Mastery_Paths modules be locked when Mastery Paths is locked for processing?


    When attempting to move Next in a module following an attempt at the initial assessment, we find that if this is done too quickly Canvas invokes a warning message in small print when the mouse is hovered over the Next button. The message does state that the module is still locked while mastery paths is processing, but we feel it is way too inconspicuous. Students are likely to overlook this and click Next. 


    Secondly, when moving next while the module is locked, instead of the student being taken to the module inline view, they are taken to the module plan view. This is confusing for the student, especially given that Mastery Paths is applicable for distance or autonomous learners, who do not have immediate teaching support.


    It seems to me there are 2 efficient ways to resolve this shortcoming.

    1. Have a more conspicuous pop up when the mouse hovers over the "Next" button (much larger font, a different colour)
    2. Lock move next until Mastery Paths has finished processing, in case a student is too quick and overlooks the message.


    It is noteworthy that I did feed this information back to Canvas Helpdesk following some difficulties experienced during the commissioning of Mastery Paths. Even though Mastery Paths is still in Beta, Instructure seem to think I should put this to the vote.


    If you would like to see a video clip demonstrating the issues, click here