New Quizzes: Adaptive Release for Quiz Responses

Idea created by Erica Hill on Jul 17, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Tamar Milne
    • Rob Ditto
    • Monica Swindle
    • Erica Hill
    • Nellie Yue
    • Inge Tyskens
    • Fareed Teja]
    • Lyndsey Martin

    We would like be able to adaptively release quiz results in 'Let Students See Their Quiz Responses (Incorrect Questions Will Be Marked in Student Feedback)' settings to certain students in the course at a specific date and time.  Currently you can only release quiz results to all students at once.

    Our use case is that an instructor would like to set up meetings with certain students to view their quiz results in person and have them only view their quiz results when they are sitting with the instructor.  This allows the students to ask questions about the quiz in person but also, they will not be able to take screen shots of the quiz and post online.